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Holistic Nurse Certification Prep Course has been rescheduled for Fall 2015


BECOME AN INSTRUMENT OF HOLISTIC HEALING: Gain new skills to help your patients and increase your marketability.  The Holistic Nursing Certification Prep weekend helps you prepare for the National Certification exam and also provides you with greater ability to serve patients’ needs.

This nursing continuing education weekend covers the Core Values of Holistic Nursing, various hands- on modalities, Cultural Diversity and Care, Trends, Issues and much more. Our course will provide you with contact hours that can be utilized for the required CEUs to sit for the national Certification Exam in Holistic Nursing (core weekend 17.75 contact hours and choice of various modalities/specialties). More importantly, this course will give you greater awareness of and familiarity with holistic practices. “The continuing education units obtained from this weekend can be used towards the certification exam requirements of 48 CEU in holistic nursing obtained in the 2 years prior to the testing period”

Of note, we do offer students the opportunity to get the remaining hours from PIHMA as well.

PIHMA Center for Professional Education (CPED) is offering multiple, flexible opportunities for you to expand your toolbox. For the Holistic Nurse Certification Prep course, select core weekend plus 21 hours of modality contact hours of your choice.
Core Weekend with Keynote Speaker:  Pati Jablonski, MSN, RNC, AHN-BC, CNM, HTP
Pati is an experienced Advanced Practice Holistic Nurse who has held positions as Staff Nurse, Obstetrical Flight Nurse, Certified Nurse Midwife, Mentor, Nursing Instructor, Manager, and Owner/Practitioner of Enlightening Wellness. In her own practice, she is inspired by helping others achieve their personal wellness goals through many modalities, including Healing Touch, Guided Visualization, Meditation and Prayer, Breath Practices and Nurse Advocacy. She is a long-time member and supporter of The American Holistic Nurses Association. Pati attended PIHMA’s Holistic Nurse prep class and and successfully passed the AHNCC’s exam, becoming an Advanced Holistic Nurse-Board Certified. She enjoys sharing her wisdom with others about Healthy Lifestyles and Holistic Nursing. Pati holds an MSN from the University of Utah, a BSN from Case Western Reserve University, and an ADN from Western Wisconsin Technical College. She lives in northern Arizona with her husband and k-9 friends, volunteers for local animal organizations, enjoys drumming and hiking in the nearby forests.


The Core Weekend helps prepares nurses for the Holistic Nursing Certification Exam, and also introduces real experiences of some holistic modalities. Attendees will gain personal experience and insight, as well as greater knowledge of further opportunities in holistic medicine.  The Core Weekend provides content to help you prepare for the Holistic Nursing Certification exam offered by AHNA, yet we encourage you to anchor your learning with the live or online modality options we also offer.

Core Weekend Curriculum-

-Preparatory course designed to address key competencies of Holistic Nursing Certification exam, including the following Core Values

  • Holistic Philosophy, Theories and Ethics
  • Holistic Educations and Research
  • Nursing Self-Care
  • Holistic Communications, Therapeutic Environment, & Cultural Diversity
  • Holistic Caring Process

-Active learning and hands-on, experiential modules for select modalitites  of complementary and alternative healthcare may be offered at the weekend, including but not limited to:  Healing Touch, Yoga/Tai chi, Reflexology, Nutrition, Reiki, Qi Gong, Aromatherapy, Mediation/Guided Imagery, and Music Therapy.”;;””


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