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What People Have To Say

I am now very interested in the heat and cold principles and food combinations as well as the stretching/massage done between lectures.     -RN Mayo

I loved this experience! RN Mayo


I will be more present and more available to those around me as well as myself. I will be open, hold space and hod no judgement. -RN Mayo

THANK YOU! This was a really wonderful weekend. The events were structured yet loose enough to be fun and allow for new ideas to be introduced. The staff as well as the students were articulate, welcoming and a whole lot of fun.      – RN JCL


I will definitely be more open to offering my patients CAM in addition to striving (mindfully) for holism. -RN Mayo


Thank you so much for this lovely opportunity! -RN Mayo


This makes me want to get back into clinical medicine.   -RN Critical Care


Great very excited to take these techniques and use them.    -RN Banner Heart


I will now support & advocate more for alternative moralities for pain management & patient care.    -RN Wellness Center

Glenda is without a doubt the best stand up instructor I have seen. When she teaches she lights up the classroom. She is very engaging. She is very polished.– Kendall Dean, Regional Vice President, Education Affiliates

Glenda gave me a chance to step back and evaluate my life. I leaned simple techniques that can be used in everyday life.– Nursing Students, Brigham Young University

All I can say is I wish it was a full day! The instructors not only were very knowledgeable but they made me want to learn more. I have taken this knowledge back to my clinical setting in the hospital and have used it with my patients. I cannot wait to add some other new tools to my “bag of tricks” in caring for all my patients.- Nancy, Reflexology seminar

The Pain Management Seminar was very interesting. It will surely enhance my approach managing patients with pain. – Participant, Holistic Pain Management Seminar

This opened up a whole new area of holistic medicine I was not familiar with–Excellent!
– Participant, Reflexology Seminar

I’ve never ever been to a seminar where I got so engaged. Great presentation!
– Participant, Holistic Pain Management Seminar

This was very informatove and incredibly inspiring–thank you so much!- Participant, Holistic Pain Management Seminar

I can’t wait to practice!- Participant, Reflexology Seminar

I will definitely share this with my co-workers- Participant, Reflexology Seminar

Loved the hands on aspect.- Participant, Reflexology Seminar

Excellent! Makes me want to learn more- Participant, Holistic Pain Management Seminar

I really enjoyed this! Time well spent and I can’t wait to practice.- Participant, Reflexology Seminar

Very well constructed lecture, very knowledgeable instructor.- Herb and Drug Interactions

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